Montrail - Splitter (Orange/Grey) Rock Climbing

Montrail - Splitter (Orange/Grey) - Lifestyle Departments
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Montrail - Splitter (Orange/Grey) - Lifestyle Departments: The Splitter is designed to hold your foot in a comfortable neutral position for dexterity and mobility in crack climbing, long routes, and all-day comfort. Due to the construction design and upper materials (unlined leather), the shoe can be worn tight, stretching to fit, and putting the foot into a high-performance power position. The toe shape is more symmetrical, which accommodates a toes-flat position better than an asymmetric toe shape. The toe shape also works well for Morton's toe (second toe longest) foot types. The last is flat and the heel narrow, allowing the shoe to lace up snugly on even the narrowest of feet. Gryptonite provides good traction and adhere to the rock when smearing, but with enough cross-linking to allow the rubber. The combination of the shoe last design and the material pattern create the unique and comfortable fit. A central element to achieving the fit is the proprietary pattern design. The half circle arch piece is a Montrail original design and creates an arch hugging fit. Each model contains a midsole designed to give the shoe the appropriate flex and sensitivity. The midsole material and thickness selection are coupled with the outsole thickness to determine the overall flex and feel. The midsoles are made of injected nylon or Texon. The nylon midsoles generally create a stiffer sole whereas Texon is used for more sensitivity. Synthetic leather forefoot fingers wrap the midfoot to provide better support and control stretch. Extended toe rand to protect the upper and laces from abrasion in cracks. Chiseled toe shape ideal for crack climbing. Padded tongue distributes lace pressure and protects your foot in cracks.